Twisted Gypsy

American Tribal Style® Belly Dance and Tribal Hand Drumming.

Charles - Drum Director - Doumbek, Frame Drums, Bendir, and Riqq.

I have been hitting things (desktops, pots and pans, the occasional random passersby) with my hands since before I could walk.  I've  grown up now, mostly, and am currently the drum director and lead drummer here with Twisted Gypsy.

I love what we do!  I am always thrilled to see an audience connect with the dancers, or the drummers.  I enjoy seeing the heads nod in time, and the feet tap, and that little wiggle that people get when they are not even aware they are dancing.

Framing the dancers, giving them a steady heartbeat to step to, and a lot of space to express themselves in is what always motivates me.  What challenges me is finding ways to do that, while also creating a tapestry of rhythm to engage the audience.  It would not be possible without the amazing talents and the utter dedication of all of our dancers and drummers. 

I am incredibly lucky to perform with these great people.

Performing, teaching, or just drumming with any and all musicians, all of it is the best thing I could be doing, and I am so happy to be doing it.

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