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American Tribal Style® Belly Dance and Tribal Hand Drumming.

Dance & Drum Class Sessions (See Drum info at bottom)

Classes are held in Granada Hills, Chatsworth, & Simi Valley

DANCE - Classic American Tribal Style® (CATS)

The moves that started it all!  This form was first created in 1989 by Carolena Nerricio, Director of the world famous Fat Chance Belly Dance® Troupe of San Francisco, CA.  A new tradition with an ancient foundation, this style utilizes folkloric movements from a variety of cultures fused into a modern format of structured group improvisation.  It is a dance language that promotes connection, awareness, and tribe.

These fast and slow vocabularies are constant and unchanging.  Here is where the magic of flowing together with other dancers from different troupes and flavors truly shines.  In addition, anyone looking to fuse some tribal into their repertoire will benefit greatly from the strong form and discipline required for successful Classic ATS dancing.


Read more about ATS here!

DANCE - Level 1 Dance Fundamentals - Beginning Technique & Form      6 Weeks

Level 1 Fundamentals begins your journey of empowerment and support, helping you to build muscle, grace, and self-confidence, as well as mental acuity and flexibility.  Brand new dancers will be educated in proper posture and form, learning to follow cues and play finger cymbals.  Returning students will be challenged by the details, deepening their understanding of taking care of their team through clean movement.  All dancers are continually encouraged to grow their community, to support and accept each other, to laugh through the mistakes, and to enjoy the process.



Gratitude Meditation

Follow Training


Slow Moves:                                                 Fast Moves:

Taxeem                                                          Pivot Bump

Hand Floreo                                                   Shimmy Step

Arm Undulations                                           Egyptian Step

Body Wave        Arabic
Circle Step                                                     


DANCE - Level 1+ Lead Training & Group Dynamics - A Bridge to Level 2   6 Weeks

Level 1 is Required



Gratitude Meditation
Technique Variations

Lead Training


Trio                                                                 Creating a Circle

Quartet                                                            Smooth Lead Changes

Duet                                                                Peripheral Training                   

Horseshoe                                                       Level 1 Movement Variations

DANCE - Level 2 Tribal Combinations - The Next Level of Technique         12 Weeks  

Fluent knowledge of L1 vocabulary, zills, & group formations is Required           


Gratitude Meditation

Follow & Lead Training


Slow Moves:                                       Fast Moves:

Walking Taxeem                                 Turkish Shimmy

Walking Bodywave                             Arc Arms

Reverse Turn                                       Reach & Sit

Propeller Turn                                     Arabic Hip Twist & Half Turn

Corkscrew Turn                                  Double Bump

Camel Walk                                        Single Bump

Ribcage Rotation                                Arabic Shimmy

Reverse Taxeem                                  Up2 Down3 with Military Zil Pattern

                                                            Shoulder Shimmy Hip Drop Combo

                                                            Ghawazee Shimmy Combo  

Both Slow & Fast:

Head Slides

DANCE - Modern American Tribal Style® (MATS)
DANCE - Level 3 

Strong Classic ATS Skills Required 



Gratitude Meditation

Follow & Lead Training

Advanced Technique:

Slow Moves:                                         Fast Moves:
Sahra Turn                                            Calibrated Spins (Single and Partner)
Wrap Around Turn                               Chico 4 Corners
Barrel Turn                                           Re-Shamka
Belly Rolls                                            Water Pot    
Flutters                                                  Reverse Shimmy  
Laybacks                                               Wet Dog 
                                                              Double Back w/ Military Zill Pattern
Arabic Orbit
Egyptian Full Turn
Arabic Hip Twist Flourish
                                                              Arabic 123

DANCE - Movement Dialect

The ever evolving level!  Not only has Fat Chance created new vocabulary & variations, so have our Sisters in the Global Tribe!  Movement Dialect will continue to grow and expand as more and more dancers add their creativity to the mix.  

Here is a list of Movement Dialect that is taught at the Twisted Studio. 

Australia - Ghawazee Caravan, Directed by Devi Mamek

Loco Camel                                                   Egyptian Sevillana
Rainbow                                                 Push Forward Push Back
Medusa (ATS & Indian)                        Triangle Step
Pulse Turn                                              Box Step
                                                               Arabic Double Spin

Birmingham, AL - Devyani Dance Company, Directed by Megha Gavin

Turkish Shimmy 1/4 Turn Fade
Arc Arms Choo Choo Trio
Alabama Twister
Chico Circle Up
Sunanda Duet Combo
ASWAAT Duet Combo

Milwaukee, WI - Tamarind Tribal, Directed by Jennifer Nolan & Elizabeth Fish

Strong Arm+ Variations                        Triple Egyptian + Cascade
Slow Diagonal Fade                               Dragonfly + 1/4 Turn + Fade
Stella Mara                                             Round House
                                                                Egyptian Flip
                                                                ReShamka Car Wash


San Franciso, CA - Fat Chance Belly Dance, Directed by Carolena Nericcio-Bohlman

Camel Walk Duet Pass                           Turkish Shimmy Pass
Torso Twist Pass                                           Arabic Hip Twist Flourish Fade
Barrel Turn Pass                                    
Chico Duet Pass
Sahra Turn Pass                                      
Arabic Do Se Do
Wrap Around Turn Pass

Dueling Duets

The World Needs More Drummers!

Monday evening classes are being offered in Chatsworth, CA.
Please contact [email protected] for more information.

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