Twisted Gypsy

American Tribal Style® Belly Dance and Tribal Hand Drumming.

            2017 Schedule of Workshops & Events                       

Twisted Summer Hafla Series!

Hello Everyone and welcome back to the Twisterd Summer Hafla Series! This is our 4th year and we are looking forward to a fun summer of dance classes, dance jams, community socials, performances, and shopping!

June 24-25 - Dueling Duets with Jen McDonald 

July 22 - Tribal Dance Bazaar and Mini Workshops

August 12 - ATS with Nancy Young

September 16-17 - Shamanic Fusion with Anandha Ray


July 22 - Belly Dance Bazaar and Mini Workshops

Shopping!  Swapping!  Gifting!

Mini Workshops on:
Creative Skirt Tucking
Building a Hair Garden
Make Up Tips
Costume Layers

Dance Party!  Open Dance and Performances on a beautiful summer night!


August 12 - Two ATS© Musicality Workshops by Nancy Young

10:00 AM  Dreadful Dangling 4’s - 2 hours
Our ATS© fast vocabularly includes some 4-count steps that transition into 8- or 16-count variations: Egyptian Basic into Egyptian 1/2 turns, Turkish Shimmy into Turkish 1/2 turns or into TSWA, Arabic Hip Twist into Hip Twist 1/2 turns or into Hip Twist Flourish, Pivot Bump (counted in 4’s) into Arc Arms or into Partner Spins. It’s easy to mis-time these transitions and get stuck in an 8-count variation that’s out of sync with the 8-count phrasing of so much of our music. In this workshop, we will learn to bring awareness to these tricky transitions so we can nail them every time.

LUNCH - Noon - 1:00PM

1:00PM  Moroccan 6 in ATS© - 2 hours
Normally we do not accompany our ATS© slow dance with zils. But there is an exception: the chorus can zil as the center-stage dancers perform to Moroccan 6 music. In this workshop, we’ll identify songs that use Moroccan 6 drum rhythms, learn four zil patterns used by FatChanceBellyDance© to accompany these rhythms, and learn how to use these patterns in ATS© performance.


September 16-17 - Shamanic Fusion with Anandha Ray

We are incredibly honored to host Anandha Ray at the Twisted Gypsy studio in the beautiful mountains of Chatsworth for her magical Shamanic Fusion Dance Circles.

This immersion will introduce you to the style of dance that is Shamanic Fusion Dance. You will discover your own authentic voice in dance while simultaneously unlocking incredibly potent, full-bodied, athletic dancing.

Shamanic Fusion Dance is a form that embodies dance as a means of communication with the heart and soul of the viewer. Performers learn to understand when, how, why and what dance communicates to viewers and how to harness the power of dance as a healing modality.

SATURDAY, 11:45AM-4:00PM - Day One is Intuitive Technique where we will dance in a kick-ass athletic improvisation class that will help you move in ways you didn’t know that you can! This technique reveals Tribal Secrets of dance that give you immediate access to perfect technique.

Live music and performances! Please contact Jen to sign up!
Seating and socializing at 6:00, show at 7:00pm

SUNDAY, 9:45AM-2:00PM - Day Two is Waking Dreams, a form in which we dive into the subconscious through movement meditations. This form unlocks blocks to creativity and being fully present in performance and life. Without having to go through the steps of talking about issues, this form reprograms unhealthy belief systems releasing the mind to focus on those things that bring us success with our goals, whether in performance or in life!

Workshop with Jen!                   The Dancer Lottery
Sacred Circles Dance Retreat, October 12 - 15

Hit the stage with team energy and connection!

Enjoy an action packed workshop with the troupe chorus! Learn to creatively and cleanly cue your team on and off stage with a variety of fun structures, such as Kaboom, Spiral, Book Ends, and The Pillars of Chorus. Adapt these skills easily to fit within your own teams group structures! 

My ladies and I have been working on our various Chorus structures. It a wonderful thing to have the ability to cue your whole way through a set! No pre-staging, no choreography, just turn on the music and go!

Kaboom is used in both fast and slow and takes the standard on/off used in ATS and adds a clear cue and some structure.

Spiral is a tribute to the old days of Busby Berkeley and the first overhead camera shot added to dance numbers. This one is used in fast vocab, is really fun to create, and adds beautiful motion for the audience to enjoy.

Book Ends can be played with in a variety of ways. I prefer it in slow for a lovely dramatic entrance.

The Pillars of Chorus is ideal for creating Quartet/Dueling Duet fun!

All of these group structures work withing the existing ATS format, utilizing the "happy hour" concept in exciting ways.

I'm so looking forward to sharing this with everyone!!!!

Sacred Circles Dance Retreat
October 12 - 15, 2017