Twisted Gypsy

American Tribal Style® Belly Dance and Tribal Hand Drumming.

We Are With The Dancers

The new album from the Drummers of Twisted Gypsy.

Ten tracks inspired by, and recorded for, Tribal Style Belly Dance. From classic American Tribal Style, to Tribal Fusion of all kinds, these tracks will get you up and dancing!

Four of the tracks (The Dancer's Suites) are composed with delibrate rhythm and tempo changes, and at time lengths, for performances at showcases, recitals, and haflas.

The album is available, both compact disc and downloads, onCD Baby.

The Super Handy BandCamp Link

The Drummers of Twisted Gypsy are now on BandCamp, a wonderful site that lets you download the album in ANY format you could possibly want.  

It also has links to allow you to buy the CD, and various other swag as we have it available.   (T-Shirts, Buttons, Posters, Minions, etc...)



Thank You!

This album would never have happened without the support and commitment of our amazing community of family, friends, and fans.  

And it would not have happened without all of the incredible people that donated to our initial Kickstarter to get it off the ground.

Thank you all, so very, very much!

Kelli Daher, Cat Ellen, Susan Fox, Kit McAllister, Nicole Burrell, Sharon Cicchetti, Fenix Grange, Martha Jaworski, Roger Jorgensen, Dr. Hal Schroeder, Elba Short, Mary Abrams, Louis Arkin, Julia Bailey, Kristin Beam, R E Billion, Brandi Davis, Shirley Davis, Marilyn Duncan, Judd Honadel, Natalie MacLees, John McDonald, Vanessa Meier, Alejandro Navia, Alicia Ramirez, Cynthia Silva, Rob Strotman, Nazanin Subat, Robert Suetter, Maureen Thomas, Dawn Daniels, Jeannie Honadel, Marci Kladnik, Holly Schroeder, Rhoda Schroeder, Sandra Tubman, Annabelle Walker, Kenneth Barr, Luis Bermudez, Lora Boehm, Angela Deane, Elena Dent, Mary Garrett, Adina Henry, Karin Jensen, Jeanna Jorgensen, Tonda Kubena, Seraphina Lilje, Patrick Mullen, Corinne Nichols, Patrick Palmer, Yasamin Subat, Phillip Trujillo, Martha Avila, Jennifer Baldwin, Indigo Black, Mary Wang-Boucher, Linda Brown, Susan Frank, Jill Honadel, Dana Johnson, Noemi Knight, Jeff Marder, Maura Mihalakis, Leslie Mitchell, Jennifer Siegel, Bill Swears, Bjo Trimble, Lorena Wolfe, Nancy Young, Kendra, Kythera, Tabitha, Laura Almasy, Derrick Coy, Sarah Day, Stephanie Dyer, Catherine Hartnek, Katrina Hennessey, Laureen Hudson, Angela N Hunt, Richard Johnson, Shareen Johnston, Robert Tom Kalinowski, Andrea Kitta, Ingrid Oliansky, Erez Russo, Michiyo Salisbury, Larry Shaw, C Erec Strebbins, Benjamin Strom, Leslie Thompson, Jill Warden, Randy Warren, Jeanne Willis, Margaret Wynn, Natalie Brooks, David Burdick, Melanie Campbell, Ashleigh Cole, Saul Dudley, Hank Duncan, Tom Duncan, Beebe Lee, Denise Park, Rachel Lynn Sebastian, Roxanne Goon, Charles Young, Heather Mullen, Jon Norris, Edmond Aggabao, Katy Debra and Karen Haworth: In Memory of Richard Fratts,

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